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Condos, Urgent Care Could Be Next For Troubled BK Hospital

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The future of Cobble Hill's Long Island College Hospital has been up in the air for months now, but the Times reports that a plan for its redevelopment is strongly being considered by hospital operator State University of New York. SUNY has been trying to shutdown the financially troubled hospital, saying that they can't continue to operate it at a loss, but over the summer, community groups and local officials (including a certain mayor elect) successfully sued to keep it open. But SUNY has obviously not given up. A yet unnamed developer has offered to buy the complex and redevelop part of it as condos, while leasing back the other buildings to health care providers as an urgent care facility, fitness center, and other medical uses. It would not accept ambulances.

The complex holds about 20 buildings, but details of how the real estate would be split up are not yet known. SUNY is expected to reveal the full proposal to its board of trustees today. Bill de Blasio's lawyer said their support is contingent upon whether or not the plan provides adequate medical services. "If this is, primarily, a real estate deal that doesn't maintain appropriate medical services for the community, SUNY can expect my clients to fight on, ferociously, in the courts," he told the Times. The complex would likely fetch around $300 million, which falls $200 million short of the hospital's liabilities.
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