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Factory Demolished for Lightstone Rentals; Gowanus TED Talk

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[Photos via Pardon Me For Asking]

GOWANUS—A 100-year-old factory was demolished yesterday to make way for the Lightstone Group's enormous rental complex. The building came down quite quickly. "It was standing there yesterday morning when I went to work. When I came home yesterday afternoon, it was gone," a neighborhood resident told Pardon Me For Asking, who have lots more photos of the wreckage. The construction crew accidentally broke through a water main in the process, spilling thousands of gallons of heretofore unpolluted water into the canal. [PMFA; previously]

ALSO GOWANUS—There will be a Gowanus-themed TED conference on January 26 at the Green Building and 501 Union. TEDxGowanus will feature more than 20 speakers including "designers, entrepreneurs, artists, historians, and community leaders presenting Gowanus inspired ideas." Ideas like, presumably: Don't dump cancer into your canal. And: Clean up canals that are filled with cancer. [CurbedWire Inbox]