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New 14-Story Morris Adjmi-Designed Hotel Coming to NoMad

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NoMad, which just handily defeated 125th Street in its first round Curbed Cup matchup, is adding yet another hotel to its roster. The 14-story building, courtesy of architect Morris Adjmi, will be a replacing a two-story 1939 taxpayer. As with basically all of Adjmi's designs, it won the glowing approval of the Landmarks Preservation Commission at a hearing yesterday afternoon, with commissioner Michael Devonshire calling it "really a spectacular approach."

As the building will need to apply for special waivers for its lack of setbacks and sloping side walls, plans have yet to be filed with the Department of Buildings. However, the hotel will, as previously mentioned, be 14 stories tall, and will be made of glass, brick, and metal. The front facade will feature an outline of glazed cream-colored bricks while the sides will feature a darker heather-colored brick. Even the preservation-minded Historic Districts Council had nothing bad to say about the new building, praising its "fine materials and ... design that nicely blends into the context of the Madison Square North Historic District while subtly expressing its modernity."
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