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City's Saddest Penthouse Delisted, Re-Listed for $5.495M

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It's one thing to be named the City's Saddest Penthouse, but it's another thing entirely to hold on to the title for more than a year. The 3BR/3.5BA triplex atop 16 Warren Street, aka Tribeca TownHomes, is still doing its best to find a buyer—this summer, it was taken off the market following its sixth pricechop, and, in September, was re-listed by Elliman, the sixth brokerage to have the listing. This is their third try at selling it. This apartment should have its own reality show.

The big changes to the listing this time around are—no surprise here—yet another pricechop (and it has since been chopped again, bringing the grand total to eight), taking the ask down to $5.495 million, or 60 percent of the original 2008 ask, and some new listing photos. The new shots attempt to portray the apartment in a warmer light by photographing it during the day. (The previous photos were all taken at night, which is perfect when the main attraction of your apartment is floor-to-ceiling windows and sweeping views.) It is still very, very sad.

Just for fun/sadness, the full pricing history:

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