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5,000-Square-Foot Village Loft With Just 6 Windows Asks $6.9M

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The asking price for this new-to-market 5,000-square-foot loft on West 13th Street is $6.9 million, which works out to $1,380 per square foot—or $1.15 million per window. The sprawling home has just six windows, only three of which shine light into the 87-foot long living/dining/great room. This probably explains why the previous owners decked the place out with reflective metallic floors and a super shiny stainless steel kitchen. But those retina-burning features are long gone. The current owners, who bought the unit for somewhere around $3.95 million in March 2012, gut renovated the space, replacing the slick metal and marble floors with walnut hardwood and redoing the kitchen with wooden Italian cabinetry. The makeover is certainly a huge improvement, but there's not much that can make up for a serious lack of windows.

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