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Where New York City's (Relatively Few) Property Owners Live

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The Census Bureau has not only just unleashed new data from the American Community Survey, which spans from 2007 to 2012, it also unveiled a jazzy new mapping instrument that allows you to play around with it. The quick-hit stats for housing-related parameters are interesting, too. Population: 8,336,697; number of housing units: 3,371,062; housing units in multi-unit structures: 83.6 percent; median value of owner-occupied housing: $514,900; mean travel time to work for workers age 16+: 39.2 minutes.

But thanks to Atlantic Cities, which first spotted—and fooled around with—the data miner's delight, we used the tool to zoom in on the parts of the city where a higher percentage of folks own rather than buy. Clearly, renters dominate the five boroughs, given the giant patches of light colors, the contrast to the surrounding suburbs, and the indisputable figure of a 32.6 percent homeownership rate overall. But in which areas house those homeowners? Leave thoughts on observations and trends in the comments section below.

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