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Tapering Tower of 57th Street Will Actually Be a Boring Box

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World Wide Group's long-awaited residential tower at 250 East 57th Street may actually be on its way to completion, but the building's unique design appears to be have been discarded. Originally designed by Roger Duffy of SOM, the 715-foot tower was supposed to feature a series of angular setbacks, although that was talk of smoothing out the angles and making them curvy instead. Now the project has been turned over to SLCE (who seem to specialize in this type of switch), who decided, nah, let's just do a big ol' rectangle. Diagrams filed with City Planning and spotted by NY YIMBY reveal that the tower will be 59 stories with 268 units (basically the same as before, give or take a couple floors and units). The development also includes a Whole Foods and two schools, all of which have been completed. The Whole Foods opened a year and a half ago.
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250 East 57th Street

250 East 57th Street, New York, NY