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Angular Shipping Container House Gets Stacked In The 'Burg

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Houses (or stores or apartment buildings) made from shipping containers are hardly a new thing, but that doesn't make the revelation of a new modular abode any less exciting. The latest shipping container creation, a single-family house in Williamsburg, comes from LOT-EK, a firm that has, quite literally, built its reputation with the metal boxes. The three-story house sits at 2 Monitor Street on the corner of Richardson Street, and it consists of 21 stacked containers that are sliced diagonally along the top and bottom, "creating a striking profile that invokes Williamsburg's industrial past, while providing a sculptural nod to the rapidly changing neighborhood." The angular design also allows for outdoor space on every level. A tipster sent along a few construction shots, noting that it's going up fast, and we pulled some renderings and details from LOT-EK's website.

The full rundown, from LOT-EK's website:

Large glass doors allow access to each deck, offering light and cross ventilation at all levels. A steel stair along the north wall connects all outdoor spaces. At grade, the diagonal cut provides direct access to main entry, as well as a driveway into the car garage and cellar. Open kitchen, dining and living room occupy the first floor, above ground. The area right above the slanted floor holds a media/family room with tiered, bleacher-style seating. The living area is connected to an outdoor deck fitted with outdoor table, a built-in BBQ pit and a lap pool. The kids' level is one flight above: the intimate space of single containers is used to provide privacy for the bedrooms, while a large common open area is dedicated to play and interaction, and is directly connected to the outdoor deck. On the top level, the master bedroom is organized as an open space with a large open shower.· Carroll House [LOT-EK]
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