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Chelsea Alien Pod Neighbor Back on the Market for $3.895M

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If there's one thing to take away from the Chelsea Alien Pod debacle of 2007-2010, it's that we really, really wish we could have seen the entire documentary (trailer above) that former owners Colin and Pamela Rath commissioned. (And they came so close to their $60,000 crowdfunding goal, raising $900.)

Even though the Alien Pod never came to fruition, selling instead to some more, uh, traditionally oriented developers, there are still three apartments in the city designed by the Raths—the three units in the neighboring 121 West 15th Street. The Raths bought 121 in the late '90s for under a million dollars and renovated it, later planning to combine it with the neighboring site (the rest, of course, is history). Now, one of the units is back on the market for $3.895 million after selling for $2.953 million in 2007. Although it clearly doesn't display the depths of the Raths' imagination, the design does include some hints of what was to come, such as the teal and blue kitchen and the greenhouse balcony.

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