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26-Window The Mark Residence Down to 75% of Original Ask

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Sales at The Mark are still not going so well. (The hotel's litigation against people who tried to buy the penthouse, however, has gone great.) And, although "tower suite" #1501 actually managed to sell last year at a 32 percent discount, its downstairs neighbor, #1401, has not been so lucky. The 4,788-square-foot, ten room residence, which hit the market in 2008 asking $23.5 million, has since been chopped down to $18.9 million and, most recently, to $17.5 million. Even the huge master bedroom, living room, and library combo, all of which face the 82-foot-long private terrace, hasn't been enough to get someone to shell out almost $4,000 per square foot, but maybe the new ask of $3,654 per square foot will do the trick.

Meanwhile, the penthouse is holding steady at $60 million, over $6,000 per square foot.
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The Mark Hotel

25 E 77th St, New York, NY 11101