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Boring Fifth Avenue Co-op Listed For A Not-So-Boring $20M

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When your upstairs neighbor has the city's most ornate ceilings, it's hard to not seem boring in comparison, but the 7th floor of 1020 Fifth Avenue isn't even trying to be remotely exciting. The 5BR/5.5BA co-op hit the market for $20 million, and the brokerbabble noticeably lacks the pizazz that usually comes with such a high price tag. The sparse listing says "This full floor apartment on Fifth has it all: double height 40 foot living room with WBFPL, five bedrooms and five and a half baths, Library/sun room with WBFPL. Pristine and recently restored to the Warren and Wetmore design with skill, and elegant restraint." Not even a mention of the mural on the dining room walls? It seems like the owners are banking on the fact that the building, an icon of the gilded age, is considered one of the most prestigious addresses in the city, thanks to the extreme wealth of its residents. And really, when buyers are in that stratosphere, does a jazzed up listing even matter?

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