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Best Restaurant Decorations; Chef Quits Gwynnett Street

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This week's top dish from Eater NY, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

1) Around Town: These 12 Manhattan restaurants have really gotten into the holiday spirit with outlandish decorations, from lights to wreaths to ribbons to all sorts of stuff.

2) Williamsburg: Chef Owen Clark up and quit Williamsburg's Gwynnett Street with no notice and took a lot of the kitchen staff with him, causing the restaurant to promptly close. His reason for leaving has to do with Gwynnett's owner being arrested recently in a drug bust.

3) Robert Sietsema's Mouth: Food critic Robert Sietsema lists his 15 favorite dishes of the year, and, for good measure, his ten least favorite. "Waiter, someone spilled some skanky flavored Doritos on top of my bowl of noodles..."
· Eater NY [ny.eater]