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This $1 Million Brooklyn House Is Filled With Dead Animals

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The moniker "Funky Friday Listing" fits this new-to-market Borough Park house to a T—nay, it might even up the ante so high that it qualifies as the funkiest listing in recent memory. Why? Because the ramshackle two-bedroom, three-bathroom two-family home currently serves as a museum in which owner Rabbi Shaul Shimon Deutsch, who bought the place in 2007 for $850K, claims to have on display every animal mentioned in the Torah—about 350 species. Taxidermied, of course.

To heighten the absurdity, the rundown property at 1605 41st Street ("needs total renovation")—whose Torah Animal Museum apparently sees 35,000 visitors a year and is filled with dead, stuffed wildlife, plus benches on which children can perch to learn about said creatures— is asking $995,000. Oh, and as an added incentive, Deutsch also runs the Living Torah Museum next door. The rabbi's educational philosophy is "If you touch history, it touches you," which isn't creepy at all.

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