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Extell's Lower East Side Tower May Be Over 70 Stories Tall

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Extell, the Gary Barnett-led team of mustache-twirling scoundrels behind One57 and various other megatowers, has already filed paperwork for the demolition of the Cherry Street Pathmark in order to proceed with a giant tower seven years in the making. And, according to The Lo-Down, that tower may rise even taller than previously expected. Although rumors from several years ago suggested that a single tower at the site could rise above 55 stories, Two Bridges President Victor Papa has been meeting with Extell and says that they are planning an as-of-right building that could rise over 70 stories. This, clearly, would completely dwarf anything in the surrounding area, and, as Lo-Down puts it, "is certain to transform the predominantly low-income community alongside the East River." Other details about the tower—architect, design, whether or not any of the units will be affordable—have yet to be decided on and/or revealed, but it sounds like the flask is done for, unfortunately.
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