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Neighbors Of Rising Towers Left In The Dark, Literally

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Buildings are going up all over the city—note that there is no way to hyperlink to every single post on Curbed, but let that suffice as supporting evidence—and with this post-bust breakneck pace of development development, lots of city dwellers are getting their windows and/or views blocked. Plus tall buildings cast shadows on places like Central Park, which also worries people. The Times tracks down some of these folks. Lest one jump to the conclusion that they're all selfish preservationist whiners, they aren't really—just regular people who like natural light and are bummed to lose it. And pose for photos in which they are bathed in semi-darkness. No drama, really.

There's the lady on Ludlow Street across the street from this almost-open 20-story hotel, and one Upper West Sider who has seen the townhouses get replaced by high-rises and another with a vendetta against Trump's behemoths at Riverside South, and a collective of West Village denizens who have united against 15-story luxury development 150 Charles Street. But pragmatism wins out in the end, as one rent-stabilized tenant notes, "It'll take more than this to edge me out."
· In the Shadow of Rising Towers, Laments of Lost Sunlight in New York [NYT]

150 Charles St

150 Charles Street, Manhattan, NY 10014