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Developer, Pol Scratch Each Others' Backs; Beef at La Marina

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CONEY ISLANDBrooklyn Daily examines the relationship between City Council member Dominic Recchia, who is running for Congress in 2014, and controversial Coney Island land baron Joe Sitt, of Thor Equities. In the early 2000s, Recchia was instrumental in pushing through the rezoning that allowed Sitt to buy up huge chunks of land in Coney Island that the city had hoped to redevelop and later sell the land to the city at a huge profit. For his congressional run, Sitt and a number of his family members and people within his company have donated Recchia a total of $43,450. [Brooklyn Daily; previously]

INWOOD—The four owners of celebrity-drawing hotspot La Marina, which is located on public parkland and pays $1.3 million annually to the city, are engaged in a vicious power struggle that began when the restaurant's two founders allegedly tricked a third partner into signing over his voting rights while in the midst of a mental breakdown (well, okay, it probably began before that). A lawsuit followed and the fourth partner has challenged the founders to a boxing match. [NYP; previously]

EVERYWHERE—2013 was a big year for real estate, so it naturally follows that it was a big year for brokers. According to the Real Deal, the number of licensed real estate salespeople in New York City grew by 7.2 percent this year. The largest growth was in Manhattan (7.4 percent) and Brooklyn (9.2 percent). [The Real Deal]