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Look, Just Watch This Video Some Guy Made About Queens

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We're not one hundred percent sure about this Youtube video titled "Queens, Home" that showed up on Queens Crap today, but we think we might love it? While cool timelapses set to incongruous musical scores are nothing new, this one benefits hugely from an intensely dramatic voiceover section, presumably by the film's creator, Siddiq, that makes it seem like the borough of Queens is about to fight for the heavyweight boxing title, or do battle with an invading alien species. It's weirdly hypnotizing, and there are a lot of little things that you might not pick up on the first time you watch it (we just finished our third viewing), such as the dig at Staten Island in the intro and the odd fascination with Do Not Walk signals, including a close-up of the "A Pedestrian Was Killed Crossing Here" sign. It also apparently features shots of every Queens neighborhood, which we are not even going to attempt to confirm or deny.
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