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Makeover, Weird Addition Planned For Vacant Harlem Building

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The burnt out prewar building at 92 Morningside Avenue has sat vacant for more than a decade. A 2002 fire ravaged the interior and displaced the former tenants, and over the last ten years, the boarded up building has fallen further into disrepair, attracting graffiti artists and squatters, even as the neighbors started to see new development. Two addition fires tore through the building in March 2012, then in May of this year, owner and notorious landlord Baruch Singer sold the crumbling property for $18 million to Renaissance Realty Group. The developer plans to rehab the seven-story rental building, which features a highly decorative brick and stone facade, and add some modern penthouse additions, which look like they were accidentally placed on the wrong project. Harlem Bespoke spotted the rendering on the construction fencing, noting that they're happy that renovations are underway but "we would have liked a more traditional update that would haver restored the lost cornice."

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