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Chetrit's Cabrini Medical Center Conversion Will Look Like This

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In March, Chetrit Group bought the Gramercy's old Cabrini Medical Center, which Memorial Sloan-Kettering decided to sell off to make some easy cash, for $150 million. Then came the ambitious conversion plans—more than 250 units spread across four buildings that span from East 19th to East 20th streets between Second and Third avenues. Thanks to a tipster who spotted renderings posted on the plywood around the construction site, we now know what the project will look like. The mock-ups show a taller, striated building as the centerpiece, with one black 'n' glassy shorter structure emanating out from one side and an ivy-covered stone one adjacent on the other. "I walk by this every day and it creeps me out. Would never want to live here," panned one commenter. Does this makeover help?

NB: The first two renderings were taken from 20th Street; the second two from 19th Street.
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