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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (16) Governors Island v. (8) Greenpoint

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Half the field has already been eliminated in the Curbed Cup, our annual award to the New York City neighborhood of the year. This week we'll have two matchups apiece on Monday and Thursday—with the polls left open for 24 hours—and by Friday only four contenders will be left vying for the prestigious fake trophy. Let the eliminations continue!

Dark horse Governors Island scored an unexpected upset over front-runner 57th Street, which was probably helped by the fact that the isle's official Twitter account went gangbusters promoting the contest. Rather than the ubiquitous tall towers of Midtown, the changes coming to the harbor include 30 acres of new parkland as well as the announcement of year-round tenants for the once-seasonal destination, including a day spa and an international school.

Then there's Greenpoint, which kicked fellow Brooklyn gentrification hotspot Gowanus to the curb last week. Following recent final approvals by the City Council, its waterfront is due for a giant transformation, plus tons of smaller residential projects loom on the horizon (not to mention million-dollar apartments that are already on the market). The area is also stepping up its game in terms of retail and food & drink outlets.

Which should advance to the Final Four in the battle for neighborhood of the year?

Poll results

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