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Hotels and Residential Rising on Downtown Brooklyn Corner

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A kindly tipster sent us some construction fence renderings of two new buildings coming to the corner of Nevins and Schermerhorn streets in Downtown Brooklyn—319 Schermerhorn Street, a not-particularly-attractive 18-story residential building (pictured, right) designed by architect Edward McGinnis, and 300 Schermerhorn Street, a Holiday Inn. The 319 Schermerhorn rendering was also spotted by Brownstoner, who reports that the lot was purchased in January for $10,765,364 and is expected to be finished in spring of 2015. The building will have 61 units and is being developed by an entity known only as Sc Nevins LLC. There is currently a partial stop work order in effect on the site, which, indecipherable as always, reads, "PARTIAL LIFT TO ALLOW 5 INDIVIDUAL PILE LOAD TESTS AS PER ASST COMMISSIONER TDL." So that should be easy enough to clear up, or very difficult to clear up, or somewhere in between.

On the other side of Nevins, a Holiday Inn will soon be taking shape. The hotel, designed by (drumroll please) Gene Kaufman, will rise to 14 stories and include 247 units, going by documents filed with the Department of Buildings in October. However, the rendering, which is newer, shows only 12 floors. The construction fence claims that the project will be finished in winter of 2014. According to Brownstoner, another hotel is also being built next to it.
· Rendering for Building at Corner of Nevins and Schermerhorn Streets [Brownstoner]