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Curbed Cup 2nd Round Results: The Final Four, Revealed!

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After the second round of Curbed's annual battle for neighborhood of the year, four contenders remain. And boy, are some of them shockers. In the most heated pairing thus far, Staten Island's St. George eked out a win over Boerum and Cobble Hills—by the tiny margin of 1 percent. Notching an enormous win over South Williamsburg, Jackson Heights walked away from its Round Two matchup with a whopping 71.3 percent of the vote. Outer-borough pride is running rampant, folks.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn's Greenpoint, a neighborhood whose waterfront transformation looms ahead, bested dark horse Governors Island, even after the isle had managed to defeat No. 1 seed 57th Street so handily in the first round. And for the last spot in the Final Four, two rife-with-development parts of Manhattan, NoMad and Chelsea, battled it out, with NoMad emerging victorious. Vote in the Final Four on Monday and in the finals on Tuesday to determine which 'hood will walk away with the Curbed Cup.

While you wait for the next round to start up, check out the Curbed Awards, our year-end tribute to the 2013 happenings in real estate, architecture, urban planning, and neighborhoods.
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