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Did Somebody Actually Buy This Co-op With 2 Bedroom Sinks?

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It may not be the funkiest of Funky Friday Listings, but this two-bedroom co-op on Eastern Parkway has one very unique feature: a sink in each of the two very petite bedrooms. "Came across this gem," writes our tipster. "Two TINY bedrooms, a shared toilet/shower situation, and everyone gets a sink. Cell block living?" It was most recently asking $449,000, after two $50K visits from the PriceChopper since the unit in Turner Towers was first listed in October for $549K. It's been taken off the market, but does that mean some person actually likes getting water all over their bed while brushing their teeth, or that the seller is making some renovations to make it less prison-like before trying again? One thing's for sure: that layout above can forever go in the annals of Floorplan Anti-Porn.

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