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Bowery Building Looking for a Developer to Spend $10.2M

Another day, another potential development site on the Bowery. 144 Bowery, currently home to New Generation Lighting on the ground floor and nothing on the upper two floors, is on the market for $10.2 million and the listing pulls no punches about the lighting store not being long for this world, referring to the building as "vacant" three times and telling Bowery Boogie that it "is a great opportunity for groups looking to pursue development opportunities in the area."

According to the listing, an exclusive from Itzhaki Properties, zoning allows for 16,080 square feet of buildable space on the site. The building that currently stands there is a 5,900-square-foot brick three-story walk-up. So, we doubt that this will be the last time we hear about this site, although the next time we do it very well could be a pile of bricks.
· 144 Bowery is on the Market for $10.2M, Ready for Development [Bowery Boogie]