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New Broker Touts This Beyonce-Approved $80K/Month Rental

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Beyonce shot the music video for "Halo" in this Con Ed switching station-turned-townhouse on Lafayette Street, which is available to rent for a mere $80,000/month. The brick-laden, beautifully designed home, which also happens to be one of the most expensive rental listings on the market, is filled with bespoke, industrial-chic design elements, plus what's probably the best private pool in the city.

A RentChop from its original ask of of $100,000/month, plus Beyonce's implicit endorsement via some soulful singing lip-synching in the cavernous living room, was apparently not enough to ink a lease for this sweet pad, so in addition to a promotional video, the owner—horror movie director Marcus Nispel—switched brokers to rental-market upstart Urban Compass, which made the Post cover it, and added some more photos to the listing. The new images are intriguing; in one shot, a tuxedoed man leans against a brick (of course) wall, staring out at "his" pool with a sultry look. You could be him. Now that rents apartments.

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214 Lafayette Space

214 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012