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Astoria Backlot Ribbon Cutting; Williamsburg Social All Leased

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ASTORIA—Kaufman Astoria Studios, the city's first and only backlot (for filming movies and such), held a ribbon cutting ceremony today, which was attending by Senator Chuck Shumer and Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer. From the press release: "The 34,800-square-foot Backlot allows productions to construct temporary outdoor sets and shoot exterior and special effects shots within the campus. The lot is conveniently located adjacent to the sound stages, which supply power and support spaces, such as dressing rooms, production offices and set building workshops." [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

WILLIAMSBURG—72-unit rental building Williamsburg Social is now 100 percent leased, according to a spokesperson. In addition, all of the residents are now Best Friends Forever and have slumber parties every night. [The Real Deal; previously]

LONG ISLAND CITY—And, speaking of ribbon cuttings, Rockrose Development held one today at their new luxury rental building Linc LIC. The building contains 709 apartments, ranging from studios to 3BRs. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

Linc LIC

43-10 Crescent Street, Queens, NY