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Three Cents Worth: Tallest Rental Chart in Manhattan History

[This week, real estate appraiser, Curbed graph guru, blogger, and podcaster Jonathan Miller created a scattergram of all the Manhattan rental transactions for 2013.]

In order to burn off some calories in this post-Thanksgiving fog, I took all the rental transactions I had for 2013 through the end of October and created a scattergram. If it looks familiar, I did this before for the sales market a while back. I am waiting for a bunch of the super high sales to close next year, and then I'll update the sales chart again (making it much taller).

This rental chart was so tall that it created havoc for all my graphics apps and reminded me why I don't do this type of chart very often. While the chart itself is not very practical, the purpose is to show how far prices are spread out in the rental market.

A few thoughts:

· You can see the higher density of transactions around $3,000 per month (10-2013: $3,150 median rental price).
· Rents that we collect ranged from $717 [ed. note: !!!!] to $100,000 per month year to date.
· The vertical white spaced areas tend to reflect holidays and Sundays.
· Since rentals aren't public record and we can't capture renewals, this is not a complete snapshot. The 40,241 transactions captured provide a reasonably sized data set.

Note: Due to the chart's large size, it's been cut into three image files. Click to see them full size.