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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie in This $4.89 Million Soho Loft

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We're big fans of any listing where a pet makes an appearance, and this one, which features a tiny pug sleeping on top of a giant teddy bear, is one of the best we've seen in a while. But the apartment's intrigue goes beyond adorable animal photos—in 2001, its owner, James MacGregor, became embroiled in a dispute that started with the loft across the hall, #2B, being listed. According to that apartment's broker, MacGregor, who had purchased #2A the previous year for $1.237 million, sabotaged the first sale she negotiated by telling the buyers that the building was noisy and the security "inadequate," and claiming that his own apartment had been burgled. The buyers backed out and MacGregor made an offer of $1.7 million directly to owner, cutting the broker out of the deal. It was accepted, and a lawsuit followed.

MacGregor never combined the two apartments, telling the Times that he and his wife used the new one as a 2,630-square-foot guest suite. This September, they listed both apartments for $8.995 million. The listing was featured as House of the Day in the Wall Street Journal, where the pug makes another appearance, but was later taken off the market. Now, #2A, the original apartment, has reappeared for $4.89 million.

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20 Greene Street

20 Greene Street, New York, NY