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Imagine NYC's Subway Map In The Style Of Washington D.C.'s

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Reinterpretations of New York City's subway map—from one that expands Massimo Vignelli's discarded design to New Jersey to one that makes ample use of concentric circles to the system's 1979 designer's latest stab at a revision—are always fun to explore. Chris Whong, a self-described urbanist, mapmaker, and data junkie, has taken New York's subway lines and depicted them using the design aesthetic of Washington D.C.'s Metro map. "There's actually very little on the map to distract the reader," writes Whong, who was attracted to its bare-bones simplicity. "No attractions (except for icons of D.C.'s monuments), no street names, bridges, or landmarks." That also means using only 90- and 45-degree angles. Adapting New York's larger network to this mold meant excluding most of Brooklyn and Queens to keep the relative width the same as the original; the map is also distorted out of necessity, with Lower Manhattan taking up proportionally more room as most of the lines intersect. Thoughts on this take?

Click on the map to zoom in and explore. (WARNING: It will open in a new window.)

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