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City's Saddest Penthouse Now Involved in a Lawsuit

Developers DDG are planning a 12-story, protuberance-featuring condo building at 12 Warren Street. But, in order to see that project through, they will have to access the neighboring Tribeca Townhomes at 16 Warren Street in order to erect scaffolding and other protection equipment. According to a lawsuit filed by DDG against Tribeca Townhomes' condominium board and sponsor, the two parties had reached a $1.1 million agreement before Townhomes decided to pull out at the last minute, having their lawyer send DDG's lawyer an email indicating that, according to The Real Deal, "his clients had concerns about the impact of construction on a remaining unsold penthouse."

That penthouse, of course, is none other than the City's Saddest Penthouse, first listed in early 2008 for $9.175 million and since delisted, re-listed, and pricechopped something like ten million times (it's currently asking $5.495 million). So you can see why they would be worried about that unit getting damaged—they might have to reduce the price or something. The penthouse, on the other hand, is just happy that somebody is paying attention to it.
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