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The Most Popular Manhattan Rental Listings Of The Last Week

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Here now, the top ten most popular Manhattan rental listings of the last week, based on pageview data from our friends at StreetEasy. No surprises here, but people scope out the "deals" most frequently—except for this week, when they wanted to see the townhouse for rent where Beyonce shot a music video. Read on.

10) 47 West 89th Street, Upper West Side
The photos are of pretty shoddy quality, but it's apparently an actual 1BR with four rooms for $2,250/month that's half a block from Central Park. Only one flight up, and you get a dishwasher and "3 huge closets." The super also lives on the premises.

9) 90-92 Greenwich Avenue, West Village
This small 1BR for $2,295/month can fit a queen-sized bed, but has no oven. Worth the trade-off? Oh, and it's a walk-up.

8) 444 East 78th Street, Upper East Side
A "two-room studio" (is that even possible?) asking $1,575/month, this listing has brokerbabble emphasizing that you rent directly from the landlord. It's only available till summer 2014, though, and you have to live between York and First avenues.

7) 401 West 25th Street, West Chelsea
Leasing for the oddly precise sum of $2,602/month, this 666-square-foot one-bedroom is a corner unit in a new building that has amenities including a roof deck and bike storage.

6) 424 West 22nd Street, West Chelsea
Also in West Chelsea, this rental listing for a junior one-bedroom boasts "location, location, location." Plus "a fireplace, hardwood floors, and tons of charm." Remember, as you shell out that $2,450/month, it's only two flights up.

5) 108 West 116th Street, Central Harlem
Uptown we go, to what appears to be an actual one-bedroom. The brownstone building near Lenox Avenue has modern trappings like a video intercom, which bodes well. The apartment is leasing for $1,500/month, with no fee.

4) 316 West 81st Street, Upper West Side
There are pretty moldings on the fireplace (sorry, it's only decorative) of this alcove studio, which also boasts "over head storage." Priced at $1,995/month, you also get to live in a third-floor walkup.

3) 57 East 7th Street, East Village
The brokerbabble on this $1,500/month studio exclaims "Exclusive SRO. Only ONE OCCUPANT Permitted. $375 weekly or $1500/month. Private Bathroom but NO KITCHEN." That about says it all.

2) 351 West 29th Street, Chelsea
Paying $1,180/month to live in in that hot 'hood? Hm, let's find the catch. Ah yes, it's also an SRO, so you have to use a communal bathroom and toilet. Calling it a "loft" is technically correct but a bit, well, lofty, given the photos—but the price is right for many.

1) 214 Lafayette Street, Soho
We can thank Beyonce for the most popular rental listing of the week. While the cheapest listing has taken the top spot in the past, this week it was the bonkers $80,000 per month townhouse where Queen B filmed the video for "Halo." A brokerage swap and plus a slew of new photos didn't hurt.
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214 Lafayette Space

214 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012