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Two-Terraced Turtle Bay Penthouse Hopes for Quick Profit

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The pictures, such as they are, don't tell much of a story, but the floorplan is pretty cool for this 10-room penthouse spanning the entire 35th floor of Turtle Bay's The Cosmopolitan. The current owners paid $5 million for the 3,368-square-foot apartment back in March and are now going for the mini-flip, having re-listed it for $6.5 million. There are six bedrooms (two of which are true maid's rooms—sequestered behind the kitchen and accessible via a service entrance), five-and-a-half baths, a breakfast room, dining room, and library, but the real highlight might the the 1,100 square feet of terraces split even between the east and west ends of the building.

· Listing: 145 East 48th Street #35PH [Michael Charles New York]