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How We Lost 6,826 Years Of NYC History In Bloomberg's Era

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Vanishing New York's Jeremiah Moss does an annual end-of-year round-up of city institutions that got the boot due to rent hikes, new development, and other signs of the times. To honor mark Mayor Bloomberg's last day in office, Moss listed a dozen years' worth of closures that occurred during his tenure. That's a lot of bakeries, laundromats, diners, bars, restaurants, record stores, and one famous graffiti-covered warehouse to go the way of the wrecking ball. Moss added up the amount of time all the outlets had been open and came up with 6,826 years' worth of lost urban outposts.

In 2013, the city said goodbye to East Village staple Max Fish and vinyl store Bleecker Bob's (both due to rent hikes). In Hell's Kitchen, Stille's Market is set to be demolished for a luxury development, while Gramercy's 101-year old Vercesi Hardware on 23rd Street is getting razed to make way for condos. They may not be landmarks per se, but these standbys join other beloved sites lost this year. R.I.P.
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