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Cake in the Shape of Hudson Yards; New Hotel in DoBro

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MIDTOWN WEST—Hudson Yards celebrated its first year of construction with a five-foot-tall birthday cake, courtesy of Fairway, in the shape of 10 Hudson Yards. It doesn't look nearly as shiny and glassy in cake form, although that's probably a good thing when you're talking about food. Upon its completion no. 10 will house a Coach Inc., L'Oreal USA, SAP, and Fairway Market, which explains why Fairway got to do the cake instead of this guy. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN—InterContinental Hotels Group has announced plans for a 13-story, 83,000-square-foot, 204-room hotel in DoBro, which will be developed under the company's Even Hotels brand. InterContinental is also developing Even Hotels at West 35th Street and East 44th Street, and are in talks about a Crowne Plaza hotel in Midtown West. [The Real Deal; previously]

Hudson Yards

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