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Orchard Street's Long-Stalled Hotel Gets Skin, New Renders

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The 10-story hotel at 163 Orchard Street came back to life last year, and things have been zipping along since then (thanks to neighbor-annoying around-the-clock construction). Bowery Boogie snapped a recent photo of the topped-off building, which now dons an olive-hued skin—better or worse than the weathered concrete? Isaac & Stern Architects' website also had a few updated renderings of the tower, but they don't quite line up with the reality. Isaac & Stern also designed the Hotel Indigo at 180 Orchard Street, aka the Orchard Street Hell Building.

The still unnamed hotel at 163 Orchard Street will have 33 guest rooms, and it's being developed by Serge Hoyda, who has made himself some new enemies by deciding to erect a 6-story apartment building on the Children's Magical Garden. Hoyda owns half of the lot where the garden sits, and earlier this year, he cordoned off his section in preparation for construction.
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