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53 Broadway 100% Leased; Brendan Gill Prize Nominations

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WILLIAMSBURG—Aptsandlofts reports that rental building 53 Broadway, which listed its first units a little over four months ago, is 100 percent leased. The seven-story, 72-unit building has had a tumultuous history—it started off as condos, had some construction problems, a foreclosure, and was purchased by a new developer, Adams America, who saw the project through to completion—but obviously it's doing a lot better these days. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

THE ART WORLD—The Municipal Art Society is seeking nominations for the annual Brendan Gill Prize, which is awarded to the creator of a work of art made during the previous year that captures the energy and spirit of New York City. The work can be pretty much anything—book, play, fine art, architecture, choreographed performance, etc. Last year's prize was posthumously awarded to Louis Kahn for his Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island. [CurbedWire Inbox]

53 Broadway

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