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Design Changes Revealed For Two Hudson Yards Towers

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Hudson Yards released some new renderings last week in advance of a new exhibition, but the exhibition itself seems to reveal some different, much more interesting, renderings. NY YIMBY stopped by the display at the Time Warner Center and found that the deign for the SOM/David Childs-designed residential tower, aka the Equinox Tower aka 35 Hudson Yards, has changed—a lot. It went from a curvy, 900-foot tall tower with a series of setbacks (designed to look like a draped skirt) to a 1,000-foot tall tube. The new renderings show a tower that gently twists from a square base into a completely straight cylinder. The Tube is juxtaposed by the very square 55 Hudson Yards, formerly known as One Hudson Yards (and formerly owned by Extell).

The design for 55 Hudson Yards isn't that different from what Extell originally proposed. The first rendering shows it with a fancy curved crown, but the models in the exhibit show it with a flat top, which will likely be the reality. The building has also been downsized from 57 stories and 1.7 million square feet to 47 stories and 1.3 million square feet.

The other new building that's revealed is located on a site previously known as Two Hudson Boulevard that Related acquired in October. It's north of the North Tower, now 30 Hudson Yards, and will be known as 50 Hudson Yards. It has a boxy, step-like thing going on in the model. It will be around 1,000-feet tall and likely the second largest tower of the whole complex, with No. 30 being the only larger one. The building is not yet on the official Hudson Yards website, and it's unclear if 50 Hudson Yards will be commercial, residential, or mixed-use.

It's getting hard to keep track of Related's ever-expanding West Side empire. Unless we're missing one, this "first phase" now has six towers; the eventual second phase will at least seven more buildings, most of which will be residential. Here's an older Hudson Yards map (the towers aren't yet numbered on it) with the locations of 50 and 55 Hudson Yards marked; phase two is everything to the west of 11th Avenue:

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Hudson Yards

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55 Hudson Yards

55 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001