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Fraudster's Other 50 Gramercy Park North Pad Wants $10.9M

Gone is the Ikea furniture that once plagued Icelandic financier Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson's 16th-floor 50 Gramercy Park North apartment. Jóhannesson, who, in February, was found guilty of tax fraud in Icelandic Supreme Court and sentenced to a year in jail, and his wife Ingibjorg Palmadottir were magnets for controversy when they lived in the Gramercy Park building. They owned two units there, residing in the penthouse and renting out the 16th-floor pad to Donald Trump associate Paolo Zampolli, who later sued them for, among other things, installing Ikea furniture in the kitchen and dropping chewed up chicken wings from the penthouse onto the terrace below.

Once his financial misdeeds came to light, Jóhannesson was forced to sell the penthouse (after simultaneously paying off his $10 million mortgage and telling a London judge he only had one million pounds) to another Icelandic businessman for $22 million. But the 16th-floor unit never hit the market, until now. The almost-3,000-square-foot 3BR/3.5BA is asking $10.9 million. Presumably the scent of chicken wings has dissipated by now. (As a side note, the penthouse has since returned to market and, after three pricechops, is asking $14.9 million. Seems like the guy who took it off Jóhannesson's hands did him quite the favor.)

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