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Printing House Conversion Gets Interior Design Treatment

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It was only a matter of time before the much-hyped rental-to-condo conversion of the Printing House got the glossy treatment. Interior Design magazine featured the West Village development in its November issue, talking with the design team at Workshop/APD, Andrew Kotchen and Matthew Berman, who described the aesthetic as "rustic modernism." The biggest challenge the team faced was combining the previous rental units into large, sensible floorplans. Before Kotchen and Berman came in, the random placement of units was like "a mouth with missing teeth." The 104 rentals eventually merged into 60 condos, many of which have mezzanine levels, a feature leftover from the original design of the building.

Because square footage is more valuable than headroom, the mezzanines had to stay—camouflage became a necessary strategy. Gypsum-board sheathes their disorganized, distracting steel and concrete support structures for a cleaner silhouette. "The big question was whether people would accept the way that the mezzanine appears from below," Berman says. The architects ultimately installed louvered sliding panels to permit mezzanine overlooks to be closed without blocking air flow. On the mezzanine floors, Berman continues, "lick-and-stick" oak parquet was peeled away in favor of cerused oak in solid strips despite the additional thickness. "Literally, quarters of an inch mattered."Click through for more details and photos.

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The Printing House

421 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014