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Manhattan's First Dairy Queen; Too Many Wine Importers?

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This week's top dish from Eater NY, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

1) Diary Queen is coming to Manhattan. The chain just signed the lease on a space on West 14th Street near Union Square, where it will take up two stories of a building formerly occupied by Fabco Shoes.

2) This year's SantaCon will start at Tompkins Square Park and wind its way through the Lower East Side and Brooklyn, laying waste to everything in its path, although the organizers will employ 80 "helper elves" along the route to keep the Santas from doing anything too dumb.

3) After the death of one owner a couple months ago, the other owner of East Village icon John's of 12th Street is retiring and handing the restaurant over to Brett Rasinski, a partner in The Beatrice Inn. Rasinski says that he is "approaching this venture as a preservationist."

4) How many wine importers is too many for one city? We may be about to find out.