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Touraine Penthouse Wants $14M Months After Selling for $10M

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Units in The Touraine went on the market about two years ago and so far three of the building's four penthouses have sold. But, for reasons that are entirely unclear, the one that sold most recently has already returned to market, hoping for a big profit. The sale of #PH3 hit public records on September 13—84 days ago—and now owners Ask Ventures LLC have re-listed the 2,832-square-foot pad for $14.25 million, 46 percent more than the $9.77 million they paid it two and a half months prior. The apartment, which was brand new at the time of purchase (approximately 120,960 minutes ago), has clearly not been lived in, renovated, or updated. Although you can never be sure, sometimes these types of moves seem like a part of some sort of multilayered strategy and sometimes they just seem crazy. This one seems crazy. #PH1, the other penthouse on the market, is 53 percent larger and asking $20 million.

UPDATE: According to The Real Deal, the penthouse is owned by Angeles Kozlowski, ex-wife of disgraced former Tyco International Ltd CEO Dennis Kozlowski, who is getting out of prison next month after an eight-year bid.

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The Touraine

132 East 65th St., New York, NY