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West Thames Pedestrian Bridge Opening Pushed To Late 2016

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New designs for the long-awaited West Thames Pedestrian Bridge were revealed over the summer, and the city announced a new opening date of mid-2015. But now the Tribeca Trib reports that the walkway's completion has once again been pushed back. At a community board meeting, the bridge designers from WXY Architecture said construction would likely start in fall 2014, and the bridge would open in late 2016. The plans, which call for a 240-foot-long concrete and steel structure with a glass roof, will be finalized by June, and a city official involved with the project said it is "well within budget," which is $27 million (yet there was still talk of overcharges).

The bridge spans West Street at West Thames Street and Joseph P. Ward Street. It will sit 18-feet above West Street, and there will be stairs and elevators at both ends. Residents were concerned that the elevators would continually break down like ones on nearby pedestrian walkways often do. The Battery Park City Authority will be responsible for regular maintenance, while the Department of Transportation will handle larger repairs.
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