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South Williamsburg Gets First Full-Service Grocery Store

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South Williamsburg just got its first full-service grocery store. Leased by Great Jones Realty to Colin Xie and Jason Chung (who also run stores in Forest Hills and Far Rockaway), The Urban Market opened on Friday and is located right across from the East River at the intersection of Kent and Broadway.

The shop offers traditional grocery and household products, as well as specialty locally-sourced/organic products, filling a vacuum in an area that historically has little access to healthy, fresh food. Of course, the area south of the Williamsburg Bridge is generally considered a bit grittier than its northern neighbor, with newer residents often clashing with oldtimers, but it's entirely possible that the prospect of organic kale and free-range chicken will bring this community together.
· Urban Market(ing): South Williamsburg Gets a Grocery Store[NYO]