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Heated Sidewalks at 101 Bedford; Penn Station Lecture

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WILLIAMSBURG—The Karl Fischer-designed 101 Bedford is going to feature a glut of amenities include a huge gym, pool, hot tub, men's and women's sauna, golf simulator (PGA-certified), wine vault, "party room," canine cleaning station, etc. etc. etc. Now it has announced that it is adding to that extensive list 8,000 square feet of heated sidewalks around the building. "Heating the sidewalks sends the message that we prioritize both their safety and comfort," says Yoel Sabel, one of the developers. As does the party room. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

THE PAST—Filmmaker Michael Rossi, who has a PBS documentary about the history of Penn Station coming out this year, is giving a talk tomorrow at Manhattan Penthouse. The historic station met its demise 50 years ago, galvanizing the preservation movement. [CurbedWire Inbox]