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Neighbors Still Trying to Sue 150 Charles Street Into the Ground

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West Village residents have hated the crap out of the Witkoff Group-developed 150 Charles Street condo building ever since plans first surfaced. In 2011, they produced an eleven-minute video titled "The Rape of the West Village," which they followed up with a lawsuit. Neither tactic did much, or anything, to impede the project's progress, however, as the building is basically just a steel frame at this point and already the entire building is sold out.

Now, one neighbor is making a last-ditch effort to halt the project in its tracks, telling the Post, "It's my fault I didn't get onto this sooner." Jean-Louis Bourgeois plans to file a suit against the developers claiming that the 95 parking spaces that will accompany 150 Charles violate the Clean Air Act. Guess it can't hurt.
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150 Charles St

150 Charles Street, Manhattan, NY 10014