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Quintessential Midtown Penthouse on the Market for $13 Million

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Remember this morning's glassy, modern penthouse that had some impressive listing photos but no floorplan? This place is a lot like that place, but way more expensive. The 45th floor penthouse in Park Avenue Place, a 2005 condo tower designed by architects Kohn Pedersen Fox, was listed a couple days ago for $12,950,000, which comes out to a hefty $4,389 per square foot (or, alternately, around $4.3 million per crazy extravagant chandelier—there are three.) Basically, this place has everything you'd want from a (fairly) newly constructed Midtown penthouse: 21.5 foot ceilings, windows on top of windows on top of windows, a fish tank cabinet, and fully automated lights and electronics. And, possibly as a bonus since it's kind of difficult to picture the owner of this place doing a whole lot of cooking, a very spacious kitchen. City records show that the apartment sold in 2008 for $8.7 million, although those records list it as #PH3 while this listing has it as #PH3AB, so it's possible that something has been added.
· Listing: 60 East 55th Street #PH3AB [Elliman]

Park Avenue Place

60 East 55th Street, New York, NY