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Modern Upper East Side Penthouse Listed for $6.5 Million

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It's never exactly clear what the point of a balcony overlooking the living room is—does the owner of the apartment plan on addressing his or her subjects at some point?—but still, it's undeniably exciting when one shows up in a listing. This penthouse in the Upper East Side's Blanca Lofts, just listed for $6.5 million, has such a balcony, and more. For instance, there's also a chandelier that would provide a great escape route should one ever need to leap off the balcony (this would be a terrible apartment to own a monkey in.) There's also, because it's the last thing you would ever expect after looking at the first three photos, a weird little study that looks like its wallpapered with red velour. This is one place where we'd definitely like to take a look at the floorplan, but, unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be one.
· Listing: 206 East 73rd Street #PHE [Brown Harris Stevens]

Blanca Lofts

206 East 73rd Street, New York, NY