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What a $950,000 Property Looks Like on the Upper West Side

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"Average"-priced apartments are the middle children of the New York City real estate market?often overshadowed by high-end headliners on one side and more affordable but still appealing places on the other. Welcome to Taking the Average, a new Curbed feature in which we'll explore what's available in a particular neighborhood at the area's average price (as determined by market reports). Up today, the Upper West Side.

The average Upper West Side apartment price, according to StreetEasy's fourth-quarter market report, is $950,000 (up from $899,000 at the end of Q3). It's a nice round number, and there's plenty on the market for about that price. Up first is an A-line pad at 225 West 83rd Street, a 900-square-foot 1BR, 1BA. The apartment has lots of custom cabinetry, the common charges are $1,025, and the taxes are another $883/month.

This $949,000 2BR, 1.5BA co-op at 127 West 96th Street is "painted and ready for the new owners." The listing emphasizes the lofty feel and the built-ins: bookcases in the living room, a banquette with seating for five in the kitchen. The monthly maintenance is $1,741. The place has been on the market for 232 days and counting, so what's the fatal flaw?

This $949,000 1BR, 1BA co-op is located in The Ardsley, an Emery Roth building on Central Park West. There's only a galley kitchen, and the listing recommends using the place as a pied-a-terre?so this isn't the property for those seeking space and many home-cooked meals. But there are many closets, pets are allowed, and the maintenance is $1,391/month.
· Listing: 225 West 83rd Street [Warburg via StreetEasy]
· Listing: 127 West 96th Street [Rand NY via StreetEasy]
· Listing: 320 Central Park West 14E [Gilbert Sherman Realty via StreetEasy]

225 West 83rd Street

225 West 83rd Street, New York, NY 10024