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Cornerspotted: Havemeyer and Payne Stables on East 66th St.

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There was some spirited discussion about this week's Cornerspotter, and Guest #6 was the first to get the location right: the H.O. Havemeyer and Col. Payne stables on East 66th Street. The structure was built in 1895, and it was described as "second to none" in an article about the private stables in Manhattan. As you can see, only the smaller portion of the building remains, and we are unsure when the other half was changed. If you know, please do leave a comment or hit up the tipline.

In an article in Outing magazine from 1901, the Havemeyer stables were described as such:

For completeness and all the luxuries that a lively imagination can suggest, the stables of H. O. Havemeyer and Col. O. H. Payne, in East Sixty-fifth street, are second to none. The walls are highly polished, the floors tiled, the woodwork is hard and is tastefully carved, the wrought metal used is beautifully burnished, and the stalls are trim and well kept. Then there are the carriage houses; always as clean as a new pin, with space enough for every style of pleasure vehicle that a gentleman's fancy can picture; and the harness rooms and bit closets have plate glass doors and windows. The quarters for attendants are spacious and elegant.· Private Stables of Manhattan [PDF]
· Photo: [126] East 66th Street. Havemeyer and Col. Payne Stable [MCNY]
· Hint: Part Of This Brick Stable House Still Stands Today [Curbed]