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Landmarks Commission Still Unsure About Selldorf's 42 Crosby

This morning, the second meeting between starchitect Annabelle Selldorf and the Landmarks Preservation Commission over Selldorf's proposed design for a condo building at 42 Crosby Street took place, and, unfortunately for Selldorf and her band of merry architects, it will not be the last. The changes to the plans, while not exactly minor, were not enough to assuage the doubts the Commission had the first time around (although most of the commissioners did agree that significant improvements had been made). The alternations to the plans included stretching the double hung windows vertically in order to give the building less of a squat look, raising the base by six feet so that its cornice would no longer be aligned with the neighboring buildings, and moving the tower forward slightly. Many of the commissioners were still not on board with the tower, however—a number of them suggested that the base be raised one floor (a suggestion that was also offered at the last meeting, which Selldorf half took), and the tower be lowered a floor. It isn't quite back to the drawing board for Selldorf Architects, but they do have a little rethinking to do.
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42 Crosby Street

42 Crosby Street, New York, NY